The word of TCM Cancer family foundation


During many years of my clinical practices of TCM, I have seen thousands of the hunger eyes from cancer patients trying to seek for the last hope from TCM therapy. I have seen many hopeless patients gone the wrong ways trying to deal with such a severe disease. They either ended up to delay the best timing for the right remedy, or will get convinced by some illegal drug dealers to buy very expensive but useless cancer medicines. My heart was entangled with bitterness when this kind of situation happens over and over again during my clinical practices. I would even feel guilty due to the very limited time I have to communicate with each cancer patient. Certainly, there are also many cancer patients have tried the combined remedy with both TCM and Western therapy. Many of them have told me repeatedly how they would love to share their combined therapy experience with other cancer patients. Over the past few years, my TCM team has been advocating the “Strengthening Healthy Energy” theory to help the patients suffering from this life threatening disease. We helped many of them through these hard times, by working hard physically and mature mentally with our patients. 


The concept of the [TCM Cancer Family], putting the cancer patients life as prime priorty, has been on top of my mind for quite a long time. Although there will always be continuous challenges for every staff in the hospital, we believe it is everyones efforts that make the foundation come true. Fighting these severe diseases with the patients, patients family and friends, the foundation gives us a chance to be part of a dream, a dream that can warm up their hearts by love, patience, and certainly the most special part, the TCM remedy. We hope the TCM Cancer Family will be the seed to this dream. We will help guide it as it develops into maturity and it becomes the thick grass that could form a dew, and as colorful as it could be to light up the sky.


By a chance back to ten years ago, I had a chance to help the people in Jian-Shi aboriginal tribe as a TCM doctor. Nowadays, the TCM therapy is doing great in contributing its efforts around the countryside areas. Six years ago, we accompanied Auntie Yang and head nurse Hung to fight the cancer together. And three years ago, we learned the expertise of local area medical service upon the TB issue with Professor Chou and the studends from Yang-Ming Universitys Public Health Insitute. All these experiences have given me a great realization to learn that ‘‘to only focus on patients’’ would be the true meaning of fundamental health care, and only this will give us continuous strength’’ and ‘‘luck’’.


With my deepest sincere appreciations, I would like to thank my patients and their family, my professors, and Chief Zheng from the Union Hospital TCM branch.

台北市立聯合醫院 林森中醫院區 醫務長 許中華 記

                                                                                    2010 4.22



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